Here’s a little story…

Well, here’s a little story, this is my first ever blog post. I came to social media warily. On the one hand, I love how it keeps me in touch with people. On the other, I abhor how intrusive it is and how mean people can be to each other.
I live on the other side of the world, away from my family and all my friends. When I’m asleep they’re awake, when they’re asleep I’m awake. In the early days of this expatriate life that I am leading, the time difference meant all sorts of 2am and 3am calls.
I would lurch out of deep sleep, heart pounding, scrabbling for the phone, all the while thinking; “Who died?” (Cheerful little soul aren’t I?). Now, six years into it, most of my family and my friends have learned how to guess when it’s a decent hour. Though I’m not physically close to them, the emotional bonds between us are still strong.

Why I Blog
Why am I telling you all this? What qualifies me to write a blog? Well I asked myself that question for a long time.
The answer is nothing groundbreaking. The fact is being a writer, or a creative of any sort can be lonely. For years, I wrote my poems and prose and the only person who ever saw them was my husband or my sister, maybe.
It’s not that I didn’t think they were good enough to be shared, (ok, maybe a little bit); I was scared. What if nobody likes them? What if nobody even notices? What if I really am not as good a poet/writer as I think?
For a long time I stopped writing all together. I left my job as a broadcast journalist, a position I had held for 8 years. I moved to Japan and began teaching English.
All my writing was lesson plans. Then, in 2014 I just went into a creative spiral. I wrote a lot of new poems and decided this is how I want to make my living!
I have been trying, in fits and starts, to earn from my pen since then. This blog is a way for me to keep writing consistently. It’s an outlet for the thoughts and ideas in my head.
Also, I sound way more together and intelligent in writing (at least I think I do). Writing things down makes them seem less threatening. I can figure out how I really feel about things. Writing helps me connect with people. Writing keeps me honest.

Where do you come in?
I believe in learning something new every day. I believe in sharing cool things I learn with others. I think everyone could use a little more beauty, kindness and positivity in their lives, either through words, pictures or stories.
That’s where you come in. I will post some of my work. You can read it and tell me (kindly, if you can) what you think about it. I think it will help me get better at what I do.
I will also share words, pictures, quotes, articles, books; other bits and bobs that affect me in some way. All in a bid to inject some goodness and levity into your day, even if that means you laugh at me. I laugh at myself often, it’s all good. That’s my little story.


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