The Rains

I’ve been writing poems since I was eight years old. The rains, which I am posting here, is not written in my usual style. I have great love for rhyming verse but I also write my poems in whatever form they come to me.

I enjoy exploring the myriad of poetic forms, both traditional and modern, that exist.

The poem below is written in free verse.

Free verse or Vers Libre does not adhere to the constraints of regular metre and fixed forms of poetry. This means I can allow the poem to find its own shape according to what I want to say.

It still allows me to use rhyme, alliteration, rhythms or cadences to achieve a certain effect.

Please read and let me know what you think in the comments. 

The rains have come, soaking the soil of my heart

flooding the gutters of my mind,

washing away the filth of innumerable years.

The slow pitter-patter quickly coalesces into a steady, persistent, torrent-

drenching my parched spirit with life anew;

flushing fresh thoughts from long dead places.

The overflow creates new pathways, new beds

in which the seeds of greatness may be planted and nourished.

I am full of hope, pregnant with expectation

of the dazzling creature to be born from this downpour.

The rains have come…

I turn my face to the heavens rejoicing for the me that is to be.

The Rains



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