Blue on the Brain

Pens equal permanence. I cannot stress enough the exquisite pleasure I felt when I entered high school, and discovered that we would be allowed to use pens for the majority of our written work.

I had arrived; no more lead pencils whose marks could be erased on a whim. Instead, everything I wrote-wrong or right- I wrote for posterity. I am here! I exist!

New pens excite me. I know that sounds nerdy but they do. I’m particularly thrilled when I acquire a new blue pen.

Blue is one of my favourite colours. It’s the colour of the vast expanse that holds up the sun. It’s the colour of the unfathomable ocean. It is the colour of inspiration and depth.

With a new blue pen, who knows what epiphanies may flow from my mind onto the blank page? I feel like writing when I have a new pen; a doodle, my signature, this week’s grocery list- I am compelled to make a mark.

Sea of thought Photo courtesy of Buy, Sell, Rent, Lease

With a new pen comes a feeling of infinite possibilities. I could write something so profound, so inventive, so engrossing that it will impact the world.

When I take up a pen and the words begin to flow, I sometimes feel as if I am writing my true self into existence. It feels as if my most authentic self; the core of who I am, flows through the ink onto the page.

I imagine myself to be a creator; that my people will see my creation, understand it and maybe, just maybe they will understand me and the way I think.

Who are my people? My people are people who would rather read than work; people who never view reading as work.

They are people who escape into fantastic adventures in cars, on airplanes, at the beach; in sweat pants under a blanket on a comfy couch. These people will read the words I write with my blue pens and they will nod and think, “I see you.”


I have scraggly penmanship on my best day but with a great blue ink I can write mountains. New pens with ink as yet untried represent the untapped skills and potential in all of us.

What about you? What object or ritual sparks your creativity? When you uncap yournew pen’, who do you become?  Let me know in the comments.



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