Red Roses?

We’re in the ‘month of love’ with Valentine’s Day only 10 days away. I don’t buy Valentine’s Day though.

All the ads and the chocolate; the frenzied hype over one day a year that’s not even official, it all feels a bit forced.

In my book, a holiday is not official unless I get to stay home from work. If I still have to get up and get dressed, then it’s not a holiday.

I’m not knocking those people who enjoy ‘loving it up’ on Valentine’s Day; I just know it’s not for me.

I’d rather not wait to tell and more importantly, show the people in my life that I love them.

Love a little bit more everyday, in every way is what I say. See what I did there?

In the spirit of the ‘season of love’ here’s a *nonet I wrote about how love sometimes throws us for a loop.

Friends of the heart

Red Roses

I cried the day you gave me roses

in fact, had begun to doubt you

had any affection for me.

Your smile was so sincere

as you handed them

gently to me.


but not


* The nonet is a simple poetic form made up of nine lines of verse.

The first line is 9 syllables, and each line after that is reduced by one syllable, counting down to one syllable by the final (ninth) line.

The word nonet is used for a group of 9 performers or instruments. It’s believed to be a poetic form inspired by music.



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